Explore solo haiku collections, anthologies, and other haiku-related books. All books are listed alphabetically by the author (and/or editor’s) last name. Anthologies & collaborations under a poet’s name signifies they are a contributor.

Michelle Hyatt

Anthologies & Collaborations:

Diana Saltoon

Book Publications:

The Common Book of Consciousness: Taking charge of your life through diet, exercise, and meditation. First published in 1979 then revised (under same title) by Celestial Arts, Berkeley, CA, 1991.

Four Hands: Green Gulch Poems. Published by Robert Briggs Associates in San Francisco in 1987. 

Tea and Ceremony: Experiencing TranquilityPublished by Robert Briggs Associates, Portland, OR, 2004. 

Wife, Just Let Go: Zen, Alzheimer’s, and LovePublished by Robert Briggs Associates, Portland, OR 2017.

Anthologies & Collaborations:  

New Bridges, a haiku anthologyThe Portland Haiku Group, Edited by Jacob Salzer, Portland, OR, 2018

Co-editor of:

Masayume: A Dream Comes True by Carolyn Winkler

Michael Dylan Welch

Below is a sample of Michael’s most recent publications. To view a full list of books he’s published, edited, contributed to, and/or translated, please visit:

Editor of: (sample)

Book Publications: (sample)

Carolyn Winkler

Book Publications:

Anthologies & Collaborations:

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